Champions & Women of Destiny

The Champions & Women of Destiny programs are a tool used to develop leaders among inner-city high school youth by aiding them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Both Champions & the Women of Destiny program may be continued over two years and function as a bi-monthly Bible study. Each participant makes a commitment in spiritual growth, family, academic/career, purity, and leadership. The program consists of three quarters beginning in October and ending in April.

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The Role of a Mentor

Mentors are critical in the student's completion of the program. One mentor is requested for each nominee, a male mentor for Champion and female mentor for Women of Destiny is desired, but not always possible. A mentor may have multiple students if there are not enough adult volunteers to facilitate that ratio. The mentor and his/her mentee should meet at least once every two weeks. The mentor must grade each lesson and then turn in the results using the link that will be provided.


The Three R's


the Word(look up verses in response to the question)


upon the Word(answer the question asked and write down thoughts you may have)


to the Word(pray about how this applies, as well as participate in activities that will cause this to be lived out)


Qualifications of a Nominee

This program is designed for current KAA campers (although non-campers may also participate) who meet the criteria:

  1. Students must be a Christian

  2. Strong desire to grow in their faith

  3. Committed to completing assignments on a timely basis

  4. Willing to learn

  5. A willing mentor for the program

  6. Meet twice a month with their Mentor

  7. Participate in regional or national activities when able