Friendship Solution

Chattanooga Police Officer maintaining fragile relationships through summer camp

Our mission is to build Christian leaders by encouraging, equipping and empowering urban youth and their mentors through camping and education. We believe in the value of our urban youth and the impact KAA has had on their lives along with their mentors. We will continue to strive for excellence in providing the best Christian sports camping experience. The Friendship Solution (formerly known as the Friendship Solution) provides an excellent opportunity to expand KAA’s mission to reach urban youth throughout the recruitment of law enforcement officers as mentors/Kaleos. Local law enforcement officers are protectors and servers in the community. Acting as Kaleos/mentors expands their mission.

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At KAA, we are aware and praying about the turmoil between police officers and their interactions with citizens across this nation. We believe there is God fearing, Christ loving police officers that have a heart for their communities and the children they serve. Therefore we’d love to open up Kids Across America to them. When coming to kamp, the officers will serve in the role of a Kaleo (kal-eh’-o), the Greek word for called one. The Kaleo ministry is designed as a camp within a camp, operating most of the time on a separate schedule a part from the campers’ activities. Kaleos enjoy many of the same exciting opportunities and entertaining programs as the campers, but spend most of their time with other Kaleos in a variety of scheduled camp activities such as bible studies, seminars and urban training, boating, swimming, and evening programs. The uniqueness of the Kaleo ministry is the opportunity for officers to fellowship with urban youth workers and volunteers from across the country, building lifelong friendships in the exchange of ideas.

The KAA Friendship Solution Role of Kaleos/Law Enforcement Officers:

  • The Kaleos interact with their campers on the bus ride to and from camp, at meal times, free time and Harambee, strengthening rapport with their campers.

  • Through our Kaleo program, the police officers will have the opportunity to gain insight on the benefit of KAA and how he/she can better serve their camper and community.

  • The police officers will have the opportunity to interface with fellow Kaleos in the cabins and camp activities.

  • Our Kaleo program fosters an environment for law enforcement/Kaleos to leave camp with relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

  • Upon returning to their communities, the officers will continue strengthening their relationship with Christ, their campers, and their community, resulting in changing one life at a time.