It wouldn’t be Kamp without Medical staff

Kamp wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have medical personnel on-site to handle the daily mishaps. Their role is vital, and their impact is huge. Medical staff, because they are with kids when they’re most vulnerable, can minister with the love of Christ in a timely way. We need them. Kids need them. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.


Nurse putting on bandaid.jpg

Nurses have a front seat view of the ministry of camp, greeting the kids during medical check in, managing records and medicines, and providing the day-to-day care and comfort to kids.


Checking Ear.jpg

Doctors enjoy a week of R&R. And each day for sick call, they provide diagnoses and prescriptions to campers.They are on call to handle any major medical concerns.

Nurse Helpers

Helper fetching ice.jpg

Nurse helpers keep the health centers clean and tidy and often take care of kids in ways medicine can't. They EARN the role of being some of the favorite people on the camp grounds.