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Chris Conlee is the lead pastor of Highpoint Memphis.

But his path to ministry was an unlikely one.

Conlee shares his troubled background and told the staff of KAA to boil all the theology down to one principle--"You exist to prove that love works."

Great words to staff who are training to love America's inner-city youth!

But Conlee said that all of us have an addiction to self and the cure for it is a glorious addiction to the Word of God. Listen as Pastor Conlee describes the road to recovery and developing a glorious addiction to God that overcomes our impure desires.

KAA welcomed its summer staff today, May 23.  They begin 10 days of incredible spiritual and safety training to prepare KAA to be the best summer camp for inner-city kids.
Bruce Morgan, KAA's CEO, greeted them and gave them these words to challenge and inspire them to minister to the "best kids in the world," who will be coming through our gates.

 Bruce Addressed the Summer Staff

Bruce Addressed the Summer Staff

It's time.
KAA is launching a podcast that will feature just about every speaker, devo, or sermon happening at KAA summer 2018.

So if you're not at camp, you can still keep up.