Dr. Tracy Timberlake: Camp Matters

We interviewed Dr. Tracy Timberlake, business entrepreneur and YouTube sensation, who holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.  An award-winning YouTube vlogger, Dr. Timberlake has turned her video making into a marketing strategy. As mastermind of her successful online business, she helps daydreamers level-up their marketing to build the business of their dreams.

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Tracy worked at KAA from 2003 through 2007.  During those five years, she served as a counselor, created the fun of camp while on the Programs team, was an assistant director, and also Interim Director of Kids Across America 2. While Tracy held several different positions at KAA, all required her to empty herself in order to pour out to the campers.

Each summer at Kids Across America gave Tracy a new lesson to learn. She was taught what it looked like to grow in her faith, how to be a modest servant, and the intricacies of being an engaging and charismatic leader.  Like a sponge, Tracy absorbed all she was taught at camp, but her most important lesson learned was how to make her faith her own and live it out in her real life.

Tracy mastered the art of leadership at camp under the guidance of Eric Williams, current Executive Men’s Director of Kids Across America. She remembers those lessons. “I learned how to shepherd people well, live out my faith with confidence, how to manage as a leader, and how to live on fire for Jesus every day.”

Now, some of Dr. Timberlake’s KAA campers have become her own clients as they follow her on YouTube and see just how much she grew during her time on KAA’s staff. Campers have seen Tracy at her lowest and emptiest in the heat and servanthood of summertime, but can now see her flourish in her business.

For Tracy, knowing her campers have seen her growth is not only encouraging in a professional way, but in a spiritual way as well. She made a priceless impact in the lives of campers as she walked out her genuine faith in servanthood. And now she can help those campers grow in their businesses, too.

Dr. Timberlake took what she learned at camp and applied it to a lifetime ministry. Camp was an incubator that grew and sustained her relationship with Christ and gave her a personal responsibility to live out her faith on a regular basis.

Camp matters. KAA is a place where kids can have fun for one week, and it’s also a place where summer staff can be radically changed by God in a short amount of time. So much of what is taught at camp is what God endeavors to teach us in our everyday lives.

Dr. Timberlake has traveled all over the world, spoken on numerous platforms of influence, has achieved financial success, and has accumulated nearly 47,000 followers on social media, but there’s no place like KAA. Kids Across America is a place where a person’s faith will be stretched. Summer staff serve at such a level for their campers that they are broken, but always leave repaired, and wrung dry, but always leave refilled.  Camp gets someone ready for real life. At KAA, we also share the Gospel in the midst of sports, and that Gospel changes the lives of campers who will go on to change the world. Just like Tracy.